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Cosmetics Titanium Cockpit cleaning wipes 30pcs – Vanilla

cockpitwipe  450
Discover Dr.Marcus wipes intended for cleaning and polishing a dashboard, both plastic and vinyl.  Their triple action slows down the process of aging, protects against the harmful effects of the sun rays and delays the deposition of dust, leaving a pleasant scent of vanilla.

Cosmetics Titanium Inside glass cleaning wipes 30pcs – Lemon

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Discover Dr.Marcus wipes intended for cleaning the car inside glass. These wipes remove stains caused by environmental factors. Effectively remove insects and other dirt and leave a pleasant scent of lemon. Wipes are soaked with an agent of highly effective cleaning properties and they don’t leave streaks or stains.

Cosmetics Titanium Intense tire shine – 750ml

tyre  550
Dr.Marcus presents Tire Shine. Thanks to the advanced technology Dr.Marcus Titanium Tyre Shine cleans efficiently and makes the summer and winter tires shine. Titanium double protection preserves the surfaces with UV filter and brings back the original depth and intensity of the color. The product is best used together with Dr. Marcus Titanium Wheel Cleaner.

Cosmetics Titanium Leather cleaning wipes 30pcs – Vanilla

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Dr. Marcus presents the wipes intended for cleaning and refreshing of leather covers of a car seat and other interior parts of the car made of leather. These wipes will allow you to remove any dirt effectively. Their triple action slows down the aging process of the leather, protects it from the harmful effects of the sun rays and gives it a fresh look. And at the same time it leaves the pleasant scent of vanilla. Their…

Cosmetics Titanium Shampoo wax – 1 Ltr

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The company Dr. Marcus specializes in the production of car cosmetics. Its offer includes a shampoo wax. The product is a very efficient and universal shampoo with wax to each type of bodywork. Shampoo perfectly removes all types of road dirt and prepares the body for further care with the products from the line of Dr. Marcus Titanium. This car shampoo, which effectively covers the body with delicate layer of wax, protects against tarnishing and washing away of the coating. It…